Motorcycle Rates 2019

The rates below are agreed and set by the GTA Vehicle Committee. They came in to force on 1st July 2019. If you are unable to find vehicle, please submit a vehicle here

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The GTA specifies maximum daily rates for groups of vehicles provided by CHCs throughout the UK. CHCs may set their rates at any level up to and including the maximum daily rate specified for a vehicle group. You should use the vehicle group listed in the rates database.

GTA Group Engine GTA Rate
B1 0 - 50 cc £36.30
B2 51 - 125 cc £42.40
B3 126 - 500 cc £59.78
B4 501 - 650 cc £71.99
B5 651 - 1000 cc £84.12
B6 1001 cc + £85.40