GTA Technical Committee
GTA Technical Committee

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Customers, insurers and credit hire organisations are facing unique and severe challenges as a consequence of the Covid-19 outbreak. The pace of developments is in itself a significant issue.
The volunteer members of the GTA Technical Committee are working hard to provide leadership and guidance to all subscribers and will provide detailed responses to discrete issues in the very near future through the website or through notifications to subscribers.
Underpinning all the work the Committee is doing at this time is a strongly held desire to act collaboratively, in a commercially mature way, to ease the customer experience throughout the crisis and to ensure a healthy functioning industry after it.

The General Terms of Agreement for Insurers and Credit Hire Companies sets the standards for the credit hire industry, ensuring smoother processes and more productive relationships.

Joining The GTA

Insurers and CHCs can apply to join the GTA. Applicants may be required to undertake an independent audit to ensure that all claims are processed in a GTA-compliant manner.

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Current GTA Rates

The GTA sets maximum daily rates for all vehicles offered by CHCs.

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