About The GTA

“GTA” stands for The General Terms Of Agreement, our name for the protocol of rates we independently provide to CHCs and insurers.


The History of the GTA

The General Terms of Agreement for the credit hire industry (GTA) is a voluntary agreement which was launched following a consultation between a small group of insurers and credit hire companies (CHCs). This group recognised that the introduction of agreed service standards and charges could deliver a better customer experience at a lower overall cost, while reducing friction between all parties.

Devised as a scheme which would establish rates reflecting the amounts which an innocent driver would reasonably be entitled to recover in court, the GTA was launched in September of 1999. Since then, it has reduced both administrative and overall costs for both insurers and CHCs, while helping CHCs to avoid litigation and settle claims more quickly.

The GTA has been the subject of Competition Market Authority reviews, which have confirmed and ensured market compliance. Over time, more and more insurers and CHCs have become full members of the GTA, or have adopted the agreement’s terms and charges as the basis for bilateral agreements.

What are the Benefits of GTA Membership?

The GTA’s main intent is to reduce friction between insurers and CHCs, smoothing negotiations and reducing the need for litigation. Along with achieving this aim, the GTA has directly reduced transactional and frictional costs from their pre-GTA levels. By providing a framework for CHCs to provide replacement vehicles and to claim payment from insurers, the GTA streamlines processes and promotes early agreements on liability.

While the GTA is and will remain a voluntary agreement, membership is helping parties in both the insurance and credit hire sectors to reduce the amount of administration surrounding replacement vehicle cases, allowing for smoother, more transparent collaboration and improved outcomes across the board.

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Who Oversees the GTA?

The GTA is administered by the Technical Committee representing the interests of insurers and CHCs. For further information on the roles and makeup of the GTA Technical and Vehicle Committees, please visit our Committee page below.

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